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9 Benefits Of Good Posture

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Good Posture With Pilates

How many times have we been told to "stand tall" or "sit up straight"? Ever wonder why we're told that so often? Here's why...

1) For a kick off, a good posture will help you look younger.

2) Correct posture gives your internal organs more room to function more efficiently and helps prevent organ prolapse (which is a condition where your organs slip down your body).

3) Studies have shown that people with a strong posture are more efficient at producing happy thoughts.

4) You'll look slimmer and with it, improve your confidence.

5) It'll help you actually lose weight because you are taking the tension off your body and so everything in flowing better.

6) Neck pains, back pains and headaches will be prevented, as well as the prevention of future injuries.

7) It will improve your overall core strength through the regular use of your postural muscles.

8) It could improve your memory. A study found that babies’ learning ability is in fact affected by their posture. Being upright improved their ability to map new experiences and remember things.

9) Sitting upright also makes you more alert, concentrated, and productive. Because when you slouch, your body takes in as much as 30% less oxygen than with good posture. Ergo slouchers have less energy.

Is Pilates good for posture? Absolutely! You'll get all the benefits of good posture when you do Pilates regularly.

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