Bing Pilates Studio 

We believe in giving all our clients a truly tailored Pilates experience. That's why all our classes are either Small Group or Private sessions. This ensures you'll get the full care and attention of the teacher and the maximum benefits.

We have all the very best industry standard equipment including Reformers, CoreAlign, Tower, Combo Chair, Orbit and much more.


This is a new Pilates studio. It is wonderful to use new equipment. The instructor Bingxie is superb and has cured my long-standing back problem. I have had over 18 group classes (twice a week) and they have been effective and enjoyable. My male partner has also attended regularly and has enjoyed his progress

Studio Prices

Private Classes

Block of 20 Studio Private Classes = £1300

Block of 10 Studio Private Classes = £690

Block of 5 Studio Private Classes = £365​​

​Standard Single Studio Private Class = £75



Group Equipment Classes


​Block of 20 Studio Group Classes = £560

​Block of 10 Studio Group Classes = £300

Block of 5 Studio Group Classes = £160

​Standard Single Studio Group Class = £35

Group Mat Classes

​Block of 20 Studio Mat Classes = £240

​Block of 10 Studio Mat Classes = £140

Block of 5 Studio Mat Classes = £80

​Standard Single Mat Class = £20

Online Prices


Group Classes

Block of 10 Online Group Classes = £110

Block Of 4 Online Group Classes = £48

Starter Group Block x 2 Classes  = £20 (Introduction Block Offer)

Single Class = £15

Private Classes

Block of 10 Private Classes = £450

Block of 4 Online Private Classes = £188

Starter Private Block x 2 Classes = £80 (Introduction Block Offer)

Single Private Class = £50

Bing Pilates Ltd

Unit B, Brunswick House,

Parr's Way,

Hammersmith, London

W6 9LH


T: 020 3637 5521


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