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What is Pilates and what are the benefits?

On the surface it may look like yoga, but Pilates is actually a unique type of physical exercise that aims to strengthen the body, with a particular emphasis on the core (which is another way of saying body's torso area). This is achieved through a series of low-impact, low-repetition movements on either equipment such as the reformer or a mat. The focus is on breathing, control and correct form rather than intense movements that can burn out muscles quickly.

The health benefits of Pilates are plentiful. Aside from strengthening the muscles, there are improvements to the body's posture, flexibility and coordination. Pilates helps prevent injuries, for example when playing sports, and aids the recovery when injuries do occur. Overall body stamina increases as well as a relaxation of the mind and

reduction of stress all taught through specific breathing


A typical Bing Pilates session usually lasts for one hour

and includes numerous exercises and stretches that can

be catered for different levels of experience and needs,

from the absolute beginner to the very advanced. 

Bing Pilates run full Equipment Classes which includes

reformers and other equipment and mat classes.


For anyone interested in a quick history of Pilates, it was invented in the early part of last century by a German called Joseph Pilates. He moved to England in 1912 and during WWI was interred in a special camp by the British authorities as an 'enemy alien'. It was in here that he began to devise his exercises, initially to help injured and diseased soldiers recover their strength, that eventually developed into the Pilates we know today.  

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Bing Pilates Classes Hammersmith Fulham
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