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Our Equipment

Balanced Body’s Pilates Studio Reformer®

The Reformer is one of the most popular and versatile pieces of Pilates equipment, providing hundreds of strengthening and stretching exercises. It extends mat exercises much further by offering extra challenges from the springs' resistance. It also gives your body more support while increasing your core strength. It improves the stability and mobility of your spine, hips and shoulders. Your coordination and balance will be challenged and your upper and lower limbs strengthened.

Our Hammersmith / Fulham Pilates Studio was designed from the ground up with the user experience in mind, our aim is to create the ultimate space for you to relax and focus your mind on the practice of Pilates. All our equipment is of the highest quality, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits that Pilates has to offer. The equipment we've selected allows for hundreds of exercise combinations. This means that we can specifically target your individual needs, whatever they are.

Combo Chair

The Balanced Body Combo Chair is the strongest and most stable chair on the market. It delivers a functional workout that will improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Exercises can be done either lying, sitting or standing on the chair. The split pedal also allows exercises that use rotational and reciprocal movement of the limbs for even greater versatility.


The Balanced Body CoreAlign® provides a unique standing movement system that optimizes fitness and function. It improves your day-to-day posture as well as increase fitness levels through the integrated cardiovascular work. There are nearly 200 unique exercises possible, with a variety of resistances, to address every part of the body. It's especially good for sports-specific performance and neuromuscular retraining, with its focus on core, alignment, balance and gait.


Roll your way through a fun, full-body workout that strengthens and stretches your body. It develops core strength and improves your control. It also strengthens your upper and lower body, as well as helping with flexibility, balance and coordination. All this through a combination of sitting, lying, kneeling, and standing positions.


Studio Reformer® with Tower

The Balance Body tower was originally based on a trapeze table by Joseph Pilates himself. Some key exercises on the Tower include using the straps and springs to strengthen your legs, arms and abdominals. You can also use the bars to strengthen your back and core. Some key benefits from regular use of the Tower include a strengthened core, improved spinal mobility and improved posture.



MOTR® is much than a roller and gives even more challenges after a Reformer workout. The three resistance levels help create full-body workouts. It build core strength and challenges your balance. You can train on multiple planes all while improving your cardio levels and agility.


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