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Online Pilates Classes

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Hi, I'm Bingxi Wang, the owner of Bing Pilates. I believe in giving all my clients a truly tailored Pilates experience both online and in my studio. My online classes are live, 1hr, interactive sessions tailored to you. I will show you a range of exercises, and guide you every step of the way.

Online classes are fun and challenging!

Online Pilates Classes

The Ultimate Home Workout!

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What is Online Pilates?

Our online Pilates classes are the perfect solution for overall health and wellbeing during this challenging time.

Classes are live, 1hr, interactive sessions that are designed to be fun, challenging and give you a great workout. Classes are suitable for all skill levels! Your teacher will give you exercises based on your experience level and goals.

It's easy! just book your class now and we will send you full instructions in an email



This is a new Pilates studio. It is wonderful to use new equipment. The instructor Bingxie is superb and has cured my long-standing back problem. I have had over 18 group classes (twice a week) and they have been effective and enjoyable. My male partner has also attended regularly and has enjoyed his progress

Standard Online Class Prices

Online Group Classes:

- First Class = FREE

- Starter Group Block x 2 Classes  = £20 (Introduction Block Offer)

- Block Of 4 Online Group Classes = £48

- Block of 10 Online Group Classes = £110

- Single Class = £15

Online Private Classes:

- Starter Private Block x 2 Classes = £80 (Introduction Block Offer)

- Block of 4 Online Private Classes = £188

- Block of 10 Private Classes = £450

- Single Private Class = £50

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