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Our general Pilates classes are a truly

unique and personal experience.

All clients can expect tailored exercises,

personal guidance and ongoing feedback.

That’s why each class has a maximum of

just seven people.



We pride ourselves on being able to give our clients a tailored experience with constant direction and feedback. Our teachers are qualified to the highest standard, so you receive both the best level of teaching and ongoing personal guidance.


General classes are for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re welcome to come and join in. Classes last 60 minutes and we always take time to talk about your progress before and after the class. If you've never done Pilates before, we will go slowly with you to ensure that you fully understand the basics until you feel comfortable with them. Likewise, if you are already a regular then our teaching will reflect your experience.


The benefits of practising Pilates regularly are plentiful, some of which include: improving your posture, strengthening your body's core and toning your muscles. You will feel younger, look great and boost your overall confidence.


You're in safe, experienced hands at Bing Pilates. And with our highly qualified teachers and personalised teaching approach you’ll be guided every step of the way to achieve your goals.


Whatever your experience, it’s the perfect way to start or continue your Pilates journey.  


Booking a general class with us is easy. Simply call us now on 0203 637 5521 to reserve your place at the next class or fill in our booking form HERE — it will take just 30 seconds and we will confirm back quickly. Additionally you can email us with any questions at




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General Pilates Classes


Rachel Cl, London


"I have been taking Pilates Lessons with Bingxi Wang since December 2014. My daughter was 4 months old and I really felt I needed to start getting my body strong again. I felt some hip and pelvis weakness and soon after I started classes I felt much stronger in my core. I have now been taking classes for over a year and the instruction is more challenging at intermediate level.


Bingxi is experienced in dealing with women post natally following natural and surgical birth. In a small group scenario, Bingxi takes time to focus on individual wellbeing and fitness levels and adapts instruction to fit the needs of each class member.


Classes are dynamic, relaxing and fun and children from baby to toddling age are welcome. I would highly recommend Pilates tutelage under Bingxi Wang at any level to improve your fitness and wellbeing."*

General Pilates Classes
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Margaret, S London


"I joined Bingxi's Equipment Pilates class because of recurring back pain. The cause was identified and appropriate exercises have resolved the problem. Bingxi offers a wide variety of movements, so her teaching is always stimulating, her demonstrations inspiring and her instructions meticulous. I look forward to my Pilates time as I know there is always a warm welcome, patient encouragement and a delightful sense of humour.

Margaret, S London"*

Rachel Ca, London


"Pilates is the single best thing I have done for my body since having my daughter. When I started I had had a bad back for several weeks. Within two weeks it was completely gone. The personalised lessons mean that I always feel my aches and pains are being seen to and I have confidence that I am doing it safely. Bingxi often adjusts my position to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly, if I was doing this purely at home I could potentially be using the wrong muscles and causing more damage than good. All in all the class has made me stronger and more flexible even than I was before I had my daughter and helped to shape me up post birth. I couldn't recommend it more."*