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My body isn't very flexible — is Bing Pilates really for me? 

Absolutely. Pilates is for everyone of any age and gender, flexible or not. Our teaching is very specific to you and each exercise will be adapted to your ability. One of the many benefits of Pilates is increased flexibility. So you even if you don't feel like you can move much at the start, over time the gentle exercises you do will improve your flexibility.  



What should I expect from my first Bing Pilates class? 

If it is group class, one of our teachers will talk to you before the class starts about how we will work together to achieve your goal(s) and also if there are any particular issues you have. You will then be monitored closely on how you move through each exercise and any changes you need to make will be advised by the teacher. After the class the teacher will be available for any questions you may have. If your first class is a private class, you will receive all of this as well as a brief physical assessment and even closer monitoring and advice than a group class.



How many people are in a small group class? 

At Bing Pilates we keep our classes to a maximum of four people at any one time. This means that we are able to give you ample attention and provide you with a very tailored experience, whatever your needs are.  



What should I wear for a Bing Pilates class? 

Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing so that you can move around freely during the exercises. No shoes are worn during class and so wearing comfortable socks is also a good idea.



Should I eat before doing Bing Pilates? 

A light meal is fine but we advise against eating a large meal before a class. We recommend bringing a bottle of water along with you to keep hydrated.



How long before I notice any results? 

This very much depends on your personal situation. Some may feel the results after their first Bing Pilates class while others may take longer to feel the effects.



Do I need to bring my own mat and equipment? 

No, Bing Pilates provides all mats and equipment. However, you are welcome to bring your own mat if you'd like to do so.  



What if I am suddenly injured and can't use my block booking within the required time? 

If you have any sudden injury, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll do our very best to arrange it so that you don't miss out on your block booking.



What if I have a question that's not on here? 

That’s no problem at all. Simply call us on 020 3637 5521 and we'll be happy to answer your query.